Hindu actress converts to Islam for Love Now Muslim Actor Husband Ditched Her and Her Son

Bangladeshi Hindu actor Apu Biswas has created a media frenzy in Bangladesh after saying that she married Bangladeshi superstar Shakib Khan and even bore him a son.

Abraham Khan Joy, Apu Islam Khan, Actor Apu Biswas, Bangladesh, Islam
Erstwhile Apu Biswas became Apu Islam Khan for love but face rejection, a broken heart, and dejection.

The actor told News24 on Monday that she married Shakib in the year 2008 at his Gulshan residence in Dhaka and gave birth to their son, Abraham Khan Joy, on September 27 last year at a Kolkata clinic. Before marriage, she converted to Islam and adopted the name Apu Islam Khan.

Abraham Khan Joy, Apu Islam Khan, Actor Apu Biswas, Bangladesh, Islam
Abraham Khan Joy, their son.

Shakib told bdnews.com that he is taking “responsibility of my son” but he told bdnews24.com that what Apu Islam Khan did was unfair.

He is the highest paid Bangladeshi actor and while talking to the daily star he said that the disclosure of the marriage and parenthood by Apu Islam is a “conspiracy” to destroy his career. He even said ominously that “you’ll come to know within two days who’re behind the conspiracy.”p

Apu Islam had alleged that she has suffered for a long time. She said that she hid herself from the public for 10 months after getting pregnant for sake of his career.

She asked indignantly:

“What’s the fault with my boy? He’s innocent. He didn’t commit any mistake…“I’ve endured huge sufferings. I’ve been insulted, harassed and tortured for many days. But I could not open up my mouth. Please don’t take me in a wrong way. I will work for myself again. Pray for my son.”

Apu Islam said that Shakib came to see their son two months after she returned to Bangladesh and his family too came but it seems that the visits were very few.

Apu Biswas was a know Hindu actor before her conversion to Islam and were rumored to be in love with Shakib for long but this interview will create problems for both her and Shakib.

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