Hindu Girl Gets Killed By Well Educated Doc Mirza Rafiqul, Because She Said No To Islam Claims Father Of Girl

Jamshedpur: In a shocking incident, a 30 year-old girl, identified as Chayanika Kumari, was strangled to death by her alleged paramour, one Dr Mirza Rafiqul Haque, in Hotel Ginger at Bistupur on Friday last.

City police arrested the accused soon after recovering the body kept in a blue trolley bag and dumped outside the Tatanagar railway station. They also confiscated the belongings of the deceased from the hotel. An FIR has been lodged against the accused with the Bagbera police station in this connection.

Victim girl Chayanika Kumari

According to SSP Anoop T Mathew, the accused, posted as an RMO at the BM Birla Hospital in Kolkata, strangled the deceased with the help of a steel chain in room number 201 of the said hotel following a dispute between the two. After killing the girl, who worked as operation head in a Kolkata hospital, the accused packed her body in the trolley bag and dumped it on the pavement outside Tatanagar station, said the SSP.

Accused Dr Mirza Rafiqul

The SSP said the deceased was arrested on the basis of information collected by police from the identity card found in the bag. Police searched in local hotels and eventually found out that the accused and the deceased had stayed in the hotel. Police also watched CCTV footage of the hotel to identify the accused. They seized a comb, water bottle, spectacles, slippers and purse belonging to the deceased.

According to police, the deceased became close to Dr Mirza while working in the Institute of Laparoscopic Surgery (ILS), Kolkata, three years back. On 31st October last, the accused booked a room in Hotel Ginger. The deceased would him in the hotel every day. On the day of crime, the two quarreled over the alleged affair of Chayanika with some other man. Irked over her alleged affair, Dr Mirza strangled Chayanika with a chain. But the father of the girl claims that his daughter is murdered because she said to convert to Islam.

The body of girl being taken out from the bag

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