Hindu Minor School Girl kidnapped for forceful conversion by Muslim perpetrator In Bangladesh

Hindu minor School girl (17) kidnapped for forceful conversion on October 1, 2017 by Muslim perpetrator. Police entertained criminal case against perpetrator with the help of BDMW on 10.10.2017. Ms.Noyan Moni Dey -victim girl has not yet rescued nor the perpetrator arrested by police.

Name of the victim : Ms. Noyan Moni Dey (Priya) (17)
Name of father: Bimal Chandra Dey (50)
Name of mother: Madhuri Bala Dey (38)
Religion of the victim: Hindu
Religion of the perpetrators: Muslim
Date of investigation : 10.10.2017
Permanent Address of the victim: South Mohadevpur, P.S. Sitakund, District : Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Present Address: Parvez Colony Moulavi Bazar, Maddayam Mohara, P S. Chandgaon. Chittagong.
Name of the perpetrator: 1) Md. Abu Bakkar Siddique (22) son of Mozhar Meah of Kalurghat Khejur Tola, P.S. Chandgaon, Chittagong. Bangladesh.

Date and time of Event: On 1st of October 2017 at about 2 p.m.
Case filed by father: : Bimal Chandra Dey lodged FIR being Case before Chandgaon police station (CMP) Chittagong being case No.20 dated 10.10.2017 under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003 (Amended)


Ms.Noyan Moni Dey (Priya) is the student of Class X of Sahera Khatun Secondary High School at Chittagong; the above perpetrator with ill intention used to eve-teasing her on way to her school. The father and mother of the victim girl complained against this perpetrator asking him to be careful about consequence of eve-teasing. But on 1st of October,2017 at about 2 p.m. while Ms.Noyan Moni was going towards her father & mother after her classes from Sahera Khatun Secondary High School, some perpetrators under the guidance of Md. Abu Bakkar named above kidnapped her and dragged her in a CNG vehicle towards unknown destination. The victim girl cried but she could not realize who and why she was intercepted on the way. Some witnesses came forward for her rescue but the Micro Bus decamped with the victim. Father and mother of the victim came to know that their children kidnapped by Md. Md.Abu Bakkar Siddique. They started searching their daughter but not traceable till writing of this report. I also talked with father and mother of the victim who cried for justice and for quick recovery.


Bimal Chandra Dey (50) father of the victim girl lodged First Information Report (FIR) at Chandgaon police station under section 7/30 of Women and Children Repression Act, 2003 (Amended) being Case No. 20/373 against one perpetrator for recovery of her minor daughter I, Adv. Rabindra Ghosh has been informed about abduction of the girl on 1st of October, 2017 and I communicated with all senior police officers and local influential persons of Chittagong Metropolitan Police of Chittagong District for recovery of the girl. I also tried to talk with the perpetrator over his mobile but I found his mobile was switched off.


I, Adv. Rabindra Ghosh of BDMW, having been authorized, started to work for rescuing the victim with the help of local Officer in Charge of Chandgaon police station.


Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about kidnaping of minority school girl from Chittagong Metropolitan Area (CMP). BDMW demand:
1) That the victim should be rescued urgently and be produced before the court for ascertaining whether victim has been raped or not.
2) That the perpetrator responsible for kidnapping should be arrested soon & be produced before the court.
3) Police should be alert for adequate protection of this victim’s family as the perpetrator’s family threatening to withdraw the case.