Hindu Woman Tina Rajawat stabbed to death by her driver Naeem for rejecting marriage proposal

A woman running a spa and salon in the city was killed by her old driver. He sharpened his knife so sharp that the knife crossed the heart of the woman’s chest and crossed. Accused did the same in front of the son’s son and new driver. The murderer later told that the woman had a good friendship with her woman. And after returning to promising marriage, he took these steps. The complaint against the killer was lodged 


According to the police, a 36 year old  Tina Rajawat, used to run a spa and salon at the Palace Hotel.
On Friday night, Tina was going somewhere along with her son Aditya and driver Raunak Jain. During this time, Nayeem, who had been working as a driver for him, was following him.
– After reaching the parking lot in the Kumkum apartment, Naeem came up to her and told Tina to take back the police  complaint , or else kill him.
– Tina refused to go and asked him to leave from there. After which Naeem attacked with a knife on Tina’s chest. That’s where Tina fell right there.
Naeem ran away after the incident and the watchman of the apartment tried to stop him.
– The people of the apartment carried Tina to the hospital where the doctor declared her dead. Police detained Naeem from Mewar .
– Against Naeem, tina had already filed a report of harassment in three police stations, but the police did not take any action.
Asked for marriage and then turned back, so killed
Police told that he questioned Naeem in custody and told him that Tina had made a good friendship. She agreed to marry, but later turned back and removed him from the job. Naeem told the police that Tina had filed a lawsuit against him in several police stations so he killed him.
Was fired from the job, was giving threats since then
– Tina’s son Aditya told that Ranak Jain was his driver first, but he had quit his job due to some domestic problems. After this, Nayeem was named a driver a year ago.
– According to the police, the police had arrested Tina and accused Naeem 4 months ago for disturbing the peace in her apartment
Tina, who was married in 2000, was living separately from her husband since 2005.
– Police said that Tina was married to Dalpat Singh Rathore in 2000. After that both have separated since 2005. Since then, she used to stay in Kumkum Apartment with her mother Premkunda Rajawat and son Aditya.
– Tina’s brother lives in Mumbai. Police have informed the in-laws to the incident about the incident. After the arrival of his brother from Mumbai, Tina’s funeral took place.
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