Historic blunder of dalit leader Jogendra Nath Mandal of Bengal in 1947 who went with Pakistan

Jogendra Nath Mandal, a close associate of Dr Ambedkar, in Bengal was in favour of Dalits joining hands with Muslims.

Dr Ambedkar advised Mandal not to go with pakistan(now bangladesh) but he didnt listen.

He supported Jinnah for a seperate Muslim country. He was made the president of Pakistan Constitution drafting committee, like Dr Ambedkar was made in India. Mr Mandal presided over the inaugural session of the Pak Constituent Assembly.He served as the law minister in Pakistan’s first cabinet.

But soon his hopes dashed and big realisation came when he saw muslims are ill treating Dalits.

He realised that Hindus (Dalits) in pakistan (now bangladesh) were left with only *two options* —> either get forcibly converted or migrate to India.

Heart broken, Mandal returned to India(Bengal) with family in 1950, after submitting his resignation to Liaquat Ali Khan,the then Prime Minister of Pakistan.

But sad part is what happened to lacs of Dalits who went to Bangladesh supporting
Mr Mandal? Mr Mandal ran away from Pakistan but left those lacs of Dalits in bangladesh on their own to suffer, get killed or convert!!!

Mandal’s realisation about his destiny is a great lesson for all hindus including dalits.”

He lived till his death in 1968 in West bengal (Bangaon district).

So dear Hindus Beware of Jignesh Mevani,Mayawati, Akhilesh & Laloo and dont let another Jogendra Nath Mandal to rise !

Source- Google