How To Fight Love Jihad Tutorial for girls in love By Vashi Sharma of Agniveer

Shruti : I love Pervez. He is cute 😻. We are getting married.

Agniveer : Your life is in danger.

Shruti : What? What are you talking about?

Agniveer : Don’t marry him.

Shruti : None of your business.

Agniveer : It is.

Shruti : How is my life in danger?

Agniveer : Do you know that you need to convert to his religion to get married?

Shruti : No. He respects all religions equally. He is not like that. We have visited Dargahs and temples together.

Agniveer : What did you do in Dargahs and temples?

Shruti : We offered Chaddar in Dargah. We worshipped in temple.

Agniveer : Did he worship alongside you?

Shruti : He was with me. He accompanied me till the temple’s gate.

Agniveer : Why?

Shruti : It is his religion, his choice. I am concerned about how he treats me. And he has no problem with my faith. Why should he worship as per my faith?

Agniveer : But you prayed in Dargah with him. If you can, why cant he?

Shruti : (no reply)

Agniveer : Ask him if he can marry you without converting your religion.

Shruti (2 days later) : Look, his family is a bit conservative. We will marry as per their beliefs but in reality I will be Shruti alone. Pervez doesn’t think all this. We will live separately. So no big deal.

Agniveer : Do you know what happens when you give affidavit to change your religion?

Shruti : No need. Religion is my personal affair. Not your business.

Agniveer : Do you know that as soon as you change your religion and accept Pervez’s, you surrender your right to be the only wife of Pervez to him?

Shruti : What nonsense? I don’t want to talk to you. What rubbish? There is something called as law.

Agniveer : Yes. As per that same law, if you accept Pervez’s religion and marry him, Pervez will have right to marry 3 more women even without your consent.

Shruti : Come on. Don’t talk childish. Nothing like that.

Agniveer : I am sending you the link of the Pervez’s religion’s Personal Law under which your marriage will be legally registered. Read it and revert.

Shruti (After a week) : You were right. But that doesn’t change anything. He is not going to do it. He is great man. He respect women.

Agniveer : May be. But if he respects women, why does he want to marry you under these very laws at all? He is free to marry you outside his religion’s personal law. If even after that choice, he is sticking to his personal religion’s law, isn’t there something fishy?

Shruti : What do you mean?

Agniveer : If he loves you so much and he is not like others and he respects all religions then why the hell is he hell bent on marrying you under the same laws which he can use later to make you 2nd or 3rd or 4th wife? He can simply say I don’t believe in these laws as they disrespectful to women. I will marry like a common Indian. Why doesn’t he do it?

Shruti : (Silence)

2 weeks later

Shruti : Don’t worry. I know him. He will never hurt me. He loves me so much. Thank you.

Agniveer : He may not marry a 2nd woman. But do you know what he can still do?

Shruti : What?

Agniveer : He can always blackmail you to follow him in everything. He will make you slave. You can not resist. Because he knows that you know he has legal right to bring another woman in your house without your will. So you will silently bear everything.

Shruti : But he knows I can go to court.

Agniveer : Against whom?

Shruti : Against his act of marrying another woman.

Agniveer : But you have already signed the marriage contract when you converted to Pervez’s religion which clearly gives right to him to marry upto 4 women. You have nothing to say.

Shruti : I can go to court and take divorce.

Agniveer : No. Because as per Pervez’s religion’s law, wife can not divorce husband. But husband can divorce wife anytime unilaterally. He can kick you out of marriage and home any time even on an SMS or a Whatsapp message.

Shruti : This can’t be real.

Agniveer : This is as real as your love for him. Check the laws. Listen, there is much more. Consider it from a Brother who is concerned about you. Be honest. Do your research yourself and decide what you want.

Shruti : (no reply)

3 months later

Shruti : Bhai, I broke up with him. Its painful but in front of what lied ahead in future, it is like heaven! Thank you for saving me from hell. You are my hero.

Agniveer : God bless. Take care.

The end.

PS : Dr Vashi Sharma President – Agniveer has experience of over 50 cases. Nobody has found out patterns which he could. Conversion to a religion is the most striking pattern among all. Dr Vashi has created Tutorials and workshops for creating awareness among girls about this sensitive issue. This was the first tutorial. We have encountered so many of them that we have decided to use the real conversations for awareness also. More to come in coming weeks.

Online classes/workshops on this have been taken (link in comments). Mail us at for being part of the cause. Volunteers needed. Funding is required. Need to hire professionals for the project. Those willing to fund, please contact Dr Vashi Sharma directly at

Don’t complain, just conquer.

Courtesy : Agniveer