HuffPost India Gets Slammed By People On Twitter For Sensationalizing Barbaric Aurangzeb

Every one in India knows that Aurangzeb was a fanatic Sunni. His chief aim was to convert Dar-ul-harb (India: the country of Kafirs or infidels) to Dar-ul-Islam (country of Islam). He was intolerant towards other faiths, especially Hindus. He was also against Shia Muslims.Even as a governor of Deccan he had pulled down several temples including the important Chintamani temple of Ahmedabad which he replaced with a mosque. Aurangzeb issued very strict instructions to the officers regarding the collection of Jaziya from kafirs . Aurangzeb was not just Anti-Hindu, he hated all other religions than the one he practiced. He was a very devout and religious emperor who adhered to Islam quite stringently

But left inclined media want to change all this history and replace that with secular history which they are doing since 1947. Huffpost carried an article about how Aurangzeb was actually a victim of character assassination by Right Wingers on the social media:

The article titled, ”Why Aurangzeb’s Reputation As A Tyrant And Bigot Doesn’t Stand The Test Of History” quotes Audrey Truschke’s book about Aurangzeb called ‘The man and the myth’ to reach that conclusion.

But check out how people exposed this brain washing Technic of so called liberal media: