‘Husband took me to Saudi as sex slave and planned to sell me after forced conversion’ says Kerala woman

A 25-year-old woman on Friday approached the Kerala High Court alleging that she was forcefully converted after her marriage to a Muslim and taken to Saudi Arabia for sex slavery.

The woman has filed a petition in the high court calling for her marriage to be nullified. She alleged that she was sexually exploited, forced into sexual relationship and blackmailed with videos before getting married, according to a report in NDTV.

“After reaching Saudi Arabia, the 9th respondent showed his real colour. He was considering the petitioner as sex slave. He has other plans to go to Syria, and informed to the petitioner that within a few days they will shift to Syria and his plan was to sell the petitioner to the ISIS terrorists. He also forced her to attend Islamic classes and watch videos of Zakir Naik,” the woman in her petition said.

“1st week of October the 9th respondent was planning to go to Syria. On 3rd Oct-2017 she called her parents through internet and pleaded to rescue her. On 4th October 2017 she escaped with the help of her father and Air ticket was taken by Father of the petitioner and sent scanned copy through WhatsApp and somehow the petitioner reached Ahmadabad on 5th Oct 2017,” the petition said.

The woman, who is a Keralite, was born and brought up in Gujarat. She met Muhammed Riyaz, whom she accuses of forcefully marrying her, while studying at a private institution in Bengaluru.

She also alleged that her forced conversion and marriage had connections with the fundamentalist organisation, Popular Front of India.

However, the woman managed to contact her parents and asked them to rescue her.

The case will be considered on November 13.

This comes at a time when the Kerala High Court had annulled the marriage of 24-year-old Hadiya in May this year and sent her to her father’s custody after she got converted to Islam and married a Muslim.

Her marriage has been challenged in court by her father, who alleged that it was a form of recruitment by ISIS in Kerala.

Courtesy: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/