If The Anthem Plays, A Good Human Being Would Stand Up Says Sonu Nigam

Even as the debate over the national anthem rages on, singer Sonu Nigam said he would stand up for any country’s national anthem as a mark of respect for that nation. In an exclusive video clip to Republic, Sonu Nigam said that any “good human being”  would stand up for the national anthem as a mark of respect for it.

It’s sanctiminous patriotism to play the national anthem before a movie in cinema halls. I think it’s disrespectful to the anthem. Because if I love my parents, I would never take them to a place where they are respected less. Similarly, I would not want my country’s national anthem to be played where people are obligated to stand up for it. It’s not fair to the anthem or the country,” Sonu Nigam said.

“Having said that, if at all the anthem is being played anywhere, a good human being would stand up for it as a mark respect for the country and its countrymen. In fact I would stand up for any country’s national anthem, be it Pakistan or United States, as a mark of respect of respect for that country and its countrymen,” he added.

There has been a nationwide debate on the national anthem ever after the Supreme Court, on Monday, observed that people do not need to stand up in the cinema halls to prove their patriotism and asked the Centre to consider amending the rules for regulating playing of the national anthem in the theatres.

Earlier, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar, while speaking to Republic, said, “People can stand for 15 to 20 minutes in the queue to buy samosa and popcorn then why can’t they stand for 52 seconds for the national anthem? It’s our national anthem and we should be proud of it?”