‘If you don’t have money to build toilet, sell your wife’ Says DM Kanwal Tanuj’s Aurangabad (Bihar)

District magistrate of Bihar’s Aurangabad Kanwal Tanuj ended up telling a poor villager that if he did not have money to build a toilet at home, he should sell his wife.

DM Kanwal Tanuj had gone to meet the villagers in Aurangabad district to spread awareness about building toilets and to tell them why open defecation was bad for everyone. But, he stirred a huge controversy with his uncharitable remarks.

The DM was seen addressing a gathering at a village in the district where he tried to link toilet with the dignity of women. He said, “Save the dignity of your women if you can. How poor are you? Raise your hands and tell me if the value of your wife is lower than Rs 12,000. Listen to me first. Don’t raise your hands.”

Then Kanwal Tanuj said, “Which man would say that take the dignity of my wife and give me Rs 12,000? Is there anyone like that?”

Responding to his open queries thrown at the villagers, one from the audience said that he did not have enough money to build a toilet at home. “Sir, I don’t have the money to build a toilet,” the man said.

DM Kanwal Tanuj responded by saying, “I will talk to you. If that is the case then go and sell your wife. If this is the mentality you have then go and sell your wife. So many people talk about advance payment, they get advance and then spend it on useless things. “