In Gorakhpur, Muslims Celebrates and Rejoice as Yogi Adityanath becomes The CM of UP

With Yogi Adityanath been appointed the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh looks like the Muslims have accepted the new chief minister well. In fact, in Gorakhpur, Muslims and Hindus are celebrating the victory of BJP and by proxy of Yogi Adityanath. While all BJP leaders are assuring that there is no threat to the minorities with Yogi at the helm, even the Muslim populace is giving out those signals.

Times of India, reported that a large number of Muslims were seen celebrating Adityanath’s elevation. Irfan Ahmad, a member of the BJP Alpsankhyak Morcha told TOI: “He has become chief minister, we don’t want anything more as he knows our problems and will do everything to solve them. Today I will also play Holi with Yogi colour.”

It is to his credit that people in Gorakhpur, especially around the temple, hold him in high esteem irrespective of whichever caste or community they belong to. Even Muslims around the temple are given “protection” by the Yogi

But still leftist anti Hindu media is portraying him like a Fascist leader which is completely wrong and biased