India refuses to sign global declaration against Myanmar on Rohingyas

India dissociated itself on Thursday from a declaration adopted at an international conference as it carried a reference to violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, from where 125,000 Rohingyas have fled to Bangladesh.

An Indian parliamentary delegation, led by Speaker Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan, refused to be a part of the Bali Declaration adopted at the World Parliamentary Forum on Sustainable Development held at Nusa Dua in Indonesia.

“This was in view of the fact that the declaration, which was to be adopted at the conclusion of the Forum, was not in line with the agreed global principles of sustainable development,” said a press release issued by the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

The delegation took the stance on a day Prime Minister Narendra Modi concluded his visit to Myanmar where he expressed solidarity with the government there against the “extremist violence” in the Rakhine state.

PM Modi on Wednesday urged all stakeholders to find a solution that respects the country’s unity.

“The country-specific amendment to the draft declaration was proposed at the eleventh hour by selective countries which referred to the violence in the Rakhine state of Myanmar. India argued that specifying a particular country is unjustified as this Forum is focused on SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and inclusive development for all countries based on a cooperative and collaborative approach to achieve the 2030 Agenda for the world,” the press release said.

India said, “Never before country-specific issues have been included in the declaration as these dilute the objective of these Forums which require unity and focussed efforts of all the countries,” the release said.

India reiterated its stance that the purpose of convening the Parliamentary Forum is to arrive at a mutual consensus for implementation of SDGs which requires inclusive and broad- based development processes, it said.

“Therefore, the proposed reference to the violence in Rakhine state in the declaration was considered as not consensus-based and inappropriate,” the release said.

Source: Times Now