Indian schoolgirl was molested by a Pakistani clerk in a lift in the UAE

An Indian schoolgirl was allegedly molested by a Pakistani clerk in a lift in the UAE.

The girl was returning home from school in March when a 24-year-old touched her in the lift of the building where she lives in Dubai, Gulf News reported.

The clerk pressed the second-floor button and when the lift started moving upwards, he grabbed her name tag and tried to read her name but she pulled herself away from him, the report said on Saturday.

As soon as the lift door opened, the Pakistani clerk, who was not identified by the report, groped the girl after which she ran towards her house and informed her parents who called the police.

The man was apprehended and charged with molesting the schoolgirl, the report said.

The suspect pleaded not guilty before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The girl identified the suspect at the police lineup.

A ruling in the case will be announced on May 25.