ISIS Terrorist gave his wife a ‘SUICIDE BELT’ and ‘MACHINE GUN’ as a wedding gift

Newly uncovered documents in Libya tell how cash-strapped jihadis are offering their wives-to-be deadly bridal presents as a bizarre  sign of their affection.

In one example, Tunisian Abu Mansour married a Nigerian called Miriam but instead of paying a dowry he vowed to pay compensation ‘of one suicide belt’ in the event of his death or the marriage being dissolved.

Forces allied with Libya’s unity government found the documents as they searched buildings seized during a battle with the terror group in the coastal city of Sirte.

The papers belonged to the ISIS ‘Judicial and Complaints’ department and have now been published on the pro-government forces’ Facebook pages.

Many reveal the bizarre marriage contracts and divorce rulings that have been drawn up.

Meanwhile jihadi bride Fatima from Nigeria was promised a Kalashnikov assault rifle in the case of divorce or if her husband Malian Abu Said, was to die.

ISIS took over Sirte in July 2015 and imposed a reign of terror over the the Libyan city.

Public killings have become a regular occurrence, with the dead – either shot or beheaded – strung up, or left to hang on ropes from beneath a bridge on the south side of Sirte.

The capture of the city has also sparked fears that jihadis would use the Mediterranean city as a springboard for attacks on Europe.

Last week we revealed how White Widow Sally Jones is heading up a secret army of female jihadis hellbent on launching a bloody wave of suicide attacks in the West – with their kids in tow.

Jones –  who became the world’s most wanted woman after fleeing Britain to join ISIS– has pledged to destroy the country she turned her back on with the help of her deadly new brigade of femme fatales.

Last year, an ISIS marriage certificate was circulated among supporters of the extremist group after the bride included being allowed to carry out a suicide attack as a condition of marriage.

An ISIS wedding certificate allowing the bride to become a suicide bomber

The document states that the woman should be allowed to go on a “martyrdom operation” should ISIS leaders approve her request.

It stipulates the husband must not forbid her from undertaking such a mission, and is signed by both parties.

The document was first shared by Elijah Magnier, the chief international correspondent for Al-Rai Media, who stressed that the certificate was not the group officially allowing all  ‘jihadi brides’ to commit suicide missions.