It’s our duty to protect Muslims And Many Hindus Eat Beef Says Siddaramaiah Karnataka CM

The government is committed to protecting the Muslim community in the state, chief minister Siddaramaiah said on Friday. He urged Muslims to be beware of those pretending to be secularists even while supporting communalism.

“Ours is a society of multiple cultures and we must ensure all get equal respect. When I say I will protect you (Muslims), it is not a favour. It is our constitutional duty to give protection to all,” he said. The CM was speaking at Town Hall after felicitating 35 pilgrims who are leaving for Haj on Saturday.

In a veiled attack on the BJP’s rightist ideology, the CM said the Centre recently issued a notification prohibiting sale of cattle for slaughter but his government defied it.

On the beef-eating controversy, the CM said he has never tasted beef but no one could stop him if he wants to do so. It’s a wrong perception that the beef ban would affect only Muslims; it would actually hit the agriculture economy. “Many Hindus eat beef. Dalits would be affected by the ban too,” he added.

Courtesy: TOI