Jain monk Tarun Sagar lashed out at Indian Anti Nationals and said we have more traitors inside than outside

Jain monk and religious leader from Jaipur, Tarun Sagar who was earlier in the news when he asked people to spend a night in the cemetery, during a press conference today started a controversy with his talk on the presence of traitors within India. He said India has more “traitors within than the number of terrorists in Pakistan.” Without naming any person he added, “Those who live and eat in the country, raise pro-Pakistan slogans.” While talking about the people living in the country, he said, “People living in the country shout, revere Pakistan, aren’t they traitors? India has more traitors within than the number of terrorists in Pakistan,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.

Tarun Sagar while hitting out discrepancies that prevail in the country said, “terrorists never attack from the front like a tiger, instead they attack like a wolf (from behind).” He added, “India is not a poor country, actually there is inequality.”

Earlier in the month on his 50th birthday, the Jain monk urged people to spend a day in a cemetery. He said, “People spend their birthdays in hotels, at picnic spots, many times in a temple. But I feel in the pulsating life that they are living, it is difficult to comprehend its true meaning amid all the noise,” according to a Times of India report. At least 2,500 people were to visit a cemetery to mark the occasion of his birthday, where he was to conduct a lecture on the meaning of life.


Courtesy: The Financial Express