Just In : Another RSS Activist Hacked To Death In Thrissur, Kerala

Most of the political murders in Kerala happen in the red bastion region in the Thalasseri-Kannur belt in the district of Kannur.  Its a very backward region in Kerala and is home to what is called party villages. Party villages are basically very ordinary and small villages that is considered by a particular Party has its own with almost the entire population voting for that particular party and all the citizens giving public declaration of allegiance to that political party. If a person jumps from one party to another in these villages then its considered a gross act of treason.  Manny of the political murders happen due to this reason.

This part of Kerala ie Thalasseri-Kannur belt is long time bastion of the Communist Party of India Marxists (CPIM) and their allies CPI. It was in this region the Kerala communist movement was born. It was in one of these villages where the blood soaked flag was first unfurled in Kerala. Most of the top leaders of CPIM hail from one of these villages and town (and also from Alappuzha region in south).

RSS has been active in Kerala for a long time now and they were also heavily involved in this region. Both these organisations not only were they politically opposing each other but also had ideological differences. BJP and CPM has been engaged in a massive fight with each other for over a decade

Latest victim of this dirty, violent political rivalry is Anand

A Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) activist was hacked to death in Thrissur on Sunday.

The attackers came in a car and attacked Nenmini native Anand around 1.30 pm.

Though Anand was admitted to a private hospital in Chavakkad, his life could not be saved.

Courtesy: http://english.mathrubhumi.com