Kashmiri Pandit attacked again in Kashmir for celebrating Diwali, But Still No Outrage Like 90’s

In Kulgam District of Kashmir this Hindu Family lit up Diyas, lamps, and decorated their home with lights. But Kashmiri Muslims are still filled with all the hate for Hindus. A mob of Kashmiri Muslims came and started pelting stones on the house. When the family asked what happened the Muslims said, “You can’t celebrate Hindu festivals here in Kashmir and if you want to celebrate leave Kashmir and stay in Jammu.”

The family then called the security forces which wasted no time and gave all the necessary protection to the family but this should open the eyes of all the libtards who claim Kashmiri Muslims are not against Hindus and the fight in Kashmir is not religious. They should understand Kashmir was the first step towards Ghazwa-E-Hind.

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