Keep me out of shameful event glorifying brutal killer Tipu Jayanti : Anant kumar Hegde, BJP’s MP

Union Minister of State for Skill Development Anant kumar Hegde has categorically informed top officials of the Karnataka government to leave him out of any events in celebration of Tipu Jayanti.

In a letter addressed to the chief secretary of state and the deputy commissioner of Uttara Kannada, Hegde has directed them not to include his name in programme invitations to mark the birt  h anniversary of Tipu Sultan on November 10.

“(I have) Conveyed (to) Karnataka government not to invite me to shameful event of glorifying a person known as brutal killer, wretched fanatic and mass rapist,” the BJP leader said in a tweet.

Hegde, a five-time member of Parliament for Uttara Kannada, has been a vocal critic of the ruling Congress party and vehemently opposed the state-sponsored celebrations of Tipu Jayanti since its introduction in 2015. However, protocol mandates that his name be included in invites for all government events held in the district.

The Karnataka government’s decision to celebrate the day on 10 November was termed unwarranted by many, with the BJP and RSS slamming the decision as “minority appeasement”. Some had also pointed out that the birth anniversary of Tipu falls on 20 November and that 10 November was the day he hanged 700 Melkote Iyengars.