Know The Reality Of Kashmiri Student Who Was Forced to leave BITS Pilani campus Which Media Hides


We Condemn the attack on him but its important to know why he was attacked, check out some of the shocking truths from his FB profile

Who is he ?

The student is Hashim Sofi, a research scholar at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani. A search on Facebook revealed his profile (Which is now deleted but thankfully we were there earlier) :

What happened to him ?

He alleges that someone wrote something on his clothes. Sounds like they must have roughed him up pretty bad to be able to write something on his clothes right?. No! actually, his clothes were drying on a clothesline when this alleged incident happened.

“Oh, oh, did they at least tear his clothes up?”

No. Apparently, they did not even soil the clothes.

“So that’s it? Is that all the Sanghi terrorists in BITS Pilani did to the hapless Kashmiri Student that made him leave ?”Kashmiri Student Pilani

Yup. That is all he alleges. Now, look at this excerpt from HuffPo.Kashmiri Student Pilani

Not a really a strong case for intolerance, but still just his Kashmiri origin should be no reason to justify this unruly behavior. We sincerely hope that this matter probed properly.

But since we were already on his profile, we decided to have a look around, and things soon took a dark turn.

He turned out to be yet another “Kashmir Azaadi fighter” and a Pakistan sympathiser. Look at some of his posts, and notice how they are full of hatred for our army.Kashmiri Student PilaniKashmiri Student PilaniKashmiri Student Pilani
And look here the Kashmiri research scholar who was allegedly roughed by mainlanders, is sympathising with people who are waiving the Pakistani flag (a country we have constantly been at war with, and which is a hotbed for terrorist activities) on Indian soil:Kashmiri Student PilaniBut again, up until this point, he is just fighting for and defending the “Kashmiris”. Perhaps he feels sympathetic to the sufferings of the Kashmiri Pandits as well, who share the same motherland. But then we came across this:
At this point, he has lost all credibility in our view. How can he forget the mass genocide and cleansing that happened in Kashmir that completely changed the demographics of Kashmir (along with infiltration by Pakistanis)?

Asking for plebiscite after the natives of the place have been driven away – Does he even realise how stupid he is being?

Then he goes out and pours his heart out in support of Zakir Naik, who has been proven to have terror links and funding and is currently at large.

Kashmiri Student PilaniKashmiri Student Pilani

Now the only question to ask is to what extent has the Kashmiri research scholar who who was allegedly roughed up in BITS Pilani campus, been radicalized. The following posts lead us to the answer:

Kashmiri Student PilaniKashmiri Student PilaniSo looks like the hapless Kashmiri student is not just a proponent of Azadi but firmly believes in Sharia Law, fighting for Khalifah and driving Kuffars out of ‘his’ lands.

Here is another example:Kashmiri Student Pilani
Funnily this is coming from someone who left town because someone wrote something on his clothes. Oh! The irony of it

Please Note – All of these still do not give an excuse to rough him up and guilty must be punished but at least the veil from the face of the innocent Kashmiri Student from BITS Pilani is off.

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