Maj Poonia gives Perfect reply To Sanjay Jha When He Takes A Dig At PM Modi

Sanjay Jha of Congress targetted Nrendra Modi and said, “Every time you see Modi Ji on billboards, TV, social media, front-page ads, internet etc, tell yourself he is using your money to mock you”.

He was but ofcorse trolled by the Trolls on Twitter as every other Congress man gets trolled. But the irony is that he got trolled by none other than May Surendra Poonia who is an Army Veteran and represented India in sports. With Sanjay Jha hitting at Narendra Modi, Maj Poonia gave a blow to Sanjay Jha with a hit on the Gandhi Family.

He hit hm where it hurt the most. He targetted Gandhi Family, which ofcorse have corrupt hands with many scams happened under them and thousands of schemes, roads, Stations, landmarks are there on their name in India.

The response was s strong that Sanjay Jha became speechless after that and we have seen no reply. Irony of the story-  Use Gandhi family name and a Congresi will either cry Hoarse, or will keep mum.