Mamata govt stumped after West Bengal BJP unit plans Bharatmata worship on Republic Day

West Bengal BJP unit’s celebration plans on Republic Day have stumped the state government.

BJP has planned ‘Bharatmata worship’ on Republic Day which will see Puja and Hawan for Mother India, an imaginary picture of a woman against the map of undivided Indian sub-continent.

The state administration is confused how to deal with such a situation as puja and prayers can’t be stopped like other programs organised by the saffron party such as procession with arms. Such a procession had taken place on Ram Navami.

Though the authorities think that program by BJP might create tension, they are confused as to how to deal with the situation as it may seem unpatriotic to stop ‘Bharatmata worship’.

State’s intelligence department has gathered information that suggests that the map behind Bharatmata, which includes Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, might trigger tension in the areas bordering Bangladesh.

‘There are chances of flare up and face-off if the party leaders make fiery speeches on partition and their understanding of Bharat as Hindu rashtra,” said an IB officer requesting anonymity.

The state administration is going to watch the program closely.

“We cannot stop it even though we have prior information that BJP will try to stoke communal tension because such activities on our part will be misinterpreted. We will not fall into their trap,” said a Trinamool Congress MLA of North 24 Parganas.

However, the party will ensure that its boys hit the streets and outnumber the BJP supporters. Street corner meetings are being held to mobilise support on the ground and counter BJP’s call for Bharatmata Divas.

Meanwhile, the state’s plan to roll out a tableau on secularism in India and the theme of tolerance is going to be the big event on the day. The Centre had turned down the tableau’s participation at the Republic Day parade in Delhi.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee found this to be discriminatory and took this as an attack on the Trinamool Congress government.

However, she instantly decided to use the tableau and the theme of unity in secularism to be the principal theme of the state parade.