Mamata Says “my attending Roza goes against my religion then I will attend it several times”

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today cautioned people against falling prey to any communal instigation in the state where people from different religious identities live in harmony.

“West Bengal is a place for everybody from every religion. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, tribals, Hindi-speaking and Urdu-speaking live here… Do not fall prey to any kind of communal instigation,” Banerjee said while addressing a rally at the Jalpaiguri Sports Complex this afternoon. Holding herself as an example, she says she performs Durga Puja and attends Iftar parties and midnight mass during the Christmas.

“I do participate in Roza and for doing that many say it is sacrilegious, but if my attending Roza goes against my religion then I will attend it several times… I do not care. I do not have faith in a religion which does not endorse love among people. I have faith in that religion which teaches people to love each other,” the chief minister told the gathering. Not naming the BJP or the RSS, Banerjee says that she does not “do politics of vandalism”.

“If somebody asks me not to go to Gurudwara I will not do so. And I will not listen to anybody asking me not to go to a church… I will instead go there thousand times,” Banerjee said.”We are proud to have taken birth in this soil of Bengal… It’s a tough soil where there is no place for miscreants…Renaissance started here. Remember there should not be any division among ourselves. Always remember that Bengal will not be scared of threat,” Banerjee, who is on a five-day tour of north Bengal, said.