Mangaluru: Christian family of 5 Reconverts into Hinduism in presence of Vajradehi Swamiji

A Christian family of 5 became Hindus on Sunday, July 23 in the presence of Sri Rajashekarananda Swamiji of Vajradehi Math of Gurpur.

Arun Monteiro from Padavinangadi is the head of the family. His family including mother reconverted after being Christians for 40 years. It is said that they were Hindus before that. So it is effectively going back to the old religion.

As per details available, Arun Monteiro approached the members of Hindu Jagarana Vedike (HJV) and said that they were willing to become Hindus. HJV leaders in turn approached Vajradehi Swamiji and sought his guidance.

On Sunday, the family of 5 became Hindus in the presence of Swamiji. Rituals concerning the conversion were held. Arun, his wife, children and other were declared Hindus after the necessary rituals.

Swamiji said that the people concerned came to him willingly and they were not forced to embrace the religion. “They faced some problems there. So they wanted to become Hindus. There was no pressure from anybody in this matter.” Swamiji said.

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