Marxist goons vandalize temple In Kerala, raise Red flag inside and paint ‘SFI’ graffiti on its inside walls.

Kerala based Janam TV has reported that Marxist goons have allegedly vandalized the Parassala Ardhanareeswarar Temple, raised the Red flag inside and painted ‘SFI’ graffiti on the temple walls.

Lot of temple property has been destroyed as well, as can be seen in the video below-

Ardhanāreeshwarā is the unique half-male half-female of Bhagwan Shiva, which symbolizes the uniqueness of Hindu Dharma as the only major religion in the world where the female & male forms and energies are equally worshipped .

Communists of Bharat are well known for their anti-Hindu outlook. While communism as an ideology seeks to promote Godlessness, it is actually quite similar to other Abrahamic belief systems in that it has a prophet (Karl Marx) and demands complete fealty from its followers. Like Islam, Communism deals with deserters ruthlessly.

In Bharat, Communists are in an open alliance with seculars, Islamists, and Christian Missionaries to prevent the rise of ‘fascist, communal forces’ i.e. the Hindu nationalists.

The current CPM Government of Kerala, led by the authoritarian Pinarayi Vijayan who is alleged to have once asked his party workers to follow the Bengal communist style of killings opponents – ‘bury their bodies in a deep pit along with a sack of salt. The world never comes to know about the blood, photographs or the news about such killings.’, has unleashed a torrent of atrocities on Hindu political opponents and appointed a Devaswom Minister (Devaswom is the Kerala Government body which manages most of Kerala’s Hindu temples) who organizes and enthusiastically participates in beef festivals.

So this latest act of anti-Hindu violence and temple desecration comes as no surprise in CPM-ruled Kerala. And it will also be no surprise if the the pseudo intellectuals in Lutyens’ Delhi stay mum on the issue. That is just how the cookie crumbles in “secular & socialist” Bharat.

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One thought on “Marxist goons vandalize temple In Kerala, raise Red flag inside and paint ‘SFI’ graffiti on its inside walls.

  • December 5, 2017 at 5:20 pm

    First drive the pseudo secularist Anti Hindu Communist and Congy Goons out of this Country,then only HIndus can survive in India.If Hindus still dont realise and dont unite this kind of incidents will happen everywhere.Drive out this useless fellows like Seetharam Yechuri Pinarayi Vijayan etc.

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