Modi Govt. to give 51,000 Shaadi Shagun to Muslim girls, Is BJP a new Congress ?

Shaadi Shagun Muslim girls. To encourage Muslim girls in the country for the purpose of higher education, the central government will give them an amount of Rs 51,000 as marriage gift. The MAEF decided to take this step to help the Muslim girls.

The MAEF said that the purpose of this plan is to encourage only Muslim girls and their parents to ensure that girls complete University or College-level education.

This step has now been given the name of ‘Shaadi Shagun’.

Recently, many decisions were taken in MAEF meeting in the context of the scholarships given to the girls, headed by the Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, in which this decision was major one.

In addition, it was also decided that now 10 thousand rupees will be provided to Muslim girls studying in Ninth and 10th Class. So far, Muslim girls studying in classes 11 and 12 were given 12 thousand scholarships.


One thought on “Modi Govt. to give 51,000 Shaadi Shagun to Muslim girls, Is BJP a new Congress ?

  • August 7, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Help is always good.But there must be some base to help.Just to give spree of Rs 51000/- to Muslim girls is not fair.It is a sort of community based reservation for having so good amount of money.
    It is heartening that now Muslim allows their daughters to go schools/colleges/varsities to study.So mode&base for helping must be some reasonable ground despite they need help to change their lots better.

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