Mulayam ‘regrets’ 1990 firing incident in Ayodhya which killed 16 Ram Bhakts

Twenty-seven years after the incident shook the country and gave a new dimension to the Ram Mandir agitation, Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav on Thursday expressed regrets for ordering the police to open fire on karsevaks in Ayodhya on October 30, 1990, which led to the death of 16 people.
Mulayam had said that his action against the karsevaks was necessary to preserve national unity. Incidentally, MSY had earlier stated that his action against the karsewaks was necessitated to uphold the faith of the Muslim community in the law of the land.

While Yadav answered a range of questions, including the Modi government’s failure to prevent border skirmishes and the brutal killing of Indian soldiers along the LoC, he refrained from commenting on Akhilesh’s controversial statement that Gujarat had no martyrs. The veteran Samajwadi leader also made no comments on his brother Shivpal Yadav’s statement about launching a secular morcha.

Referring to the recent killing of army personnel on the Kashmir border, MSY said the BJP and the country’s defence minister should show some courage to take on this challenge. “When I was the defence minister no one had the guts to take away an inch of land from us”, he said while advocating an eye for an eye theory to tackle killing of Indian soldier by Pak army.

On the ongoing controversy of EVM tampering, MSY said that there is a strong possibility of fraud in these machines. He said though the microchips in these machines are imported from Japan, and that the Japanese were still using ballot papers for their elections. He urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop the use of EVMs and revert to paper ballot

Source- TOI