Muslim gau-rakshak attempts suicide over police inaction against beef mafia that killed his brother

Allegedly threatened by his brother’s murderers, Aasif Bharti, a Meerut-based Muslim cow protection vigilante tried to immolate himself outside the office of the senior superintendent of police (SSP) here on Sunday.

Bharti alleged that despite an FIR in the case, which was filed two years ago, the investigating officer has not arrested anybody so far due to which the accused have started issuing threats to the activist’s life. Bharti poured kerosene oil over his body and tried to set himself on fire, but police officers saved his life and detained him.

A resident of Neecha Sadeeq Nagar, Bharti said, “Despite a case against the accused in my brother’s murder — which happened two-and-half years ago — the police are not arresting them. Policemen are hand-in-glove with the accused men, who have now started threatening to kill me now.”

Dilshad, Aasif’s brother, was shot in the head on June 27, 2014, just outside his house, allegedly by the beef mafia. He struggled for life for seven months in a number of hospitals in Noida and Meerut and died on January 22, 2015.

Aasif tried to immolate himself by pouring kerosene oil on his body outside the SSP’s office. It was only after the policeman on duty caught hold of him that he could be saved. Dheeraj Shukla, station officer, Civil Lines police station, said, “The police officials on the spot caught hold of him and sent him to Lisari Gate police station because the case for his brother’s murder is filed there. Investigations are taking place and efforts are being made to arrest the accused. Allegations of police being hand-in-glove with the accused are absolutely wrong.”

The Bharti family has been instrumental in the sealing of more than 200 illegal slaughterhouses in Sadeeq Nagar area alone, where cows and buffaloes were allegedly being slaughtered. As a result, there have been repeated assaults on the family, they have claimed.

Source: TOI