Muslim Majority Indonesia And Other Southeast Asian countries Issued 29 Ramayana Stamps But In India Its Communal

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Here are some of the most beautiful stamps commemorating Ramayana released over the last few decades in four Southeast Asian countries – Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.


Stamp issued on January 24, 2016 showing Hanumana burning down Lanka:



A 1962 stamp showing Lord Rama with his divine bow:



Following is a part of a set issued by Indonesia on June 15, 1962 – Lord Rama



Devi Sita












Maricha (Indonesian: Kidang Kentjana)



Issued in 1971 on occasion of Ramayana International Festival:



A 1996 stamp showing Rama hunting Maricha, who is disguised as a golden deer:



Issued on August 3, 2005, this stamp shows Rama meeting Sita:



Part of the stamp series above, this one shows Rama fighting Ravana:



Issued in 1981, this depicts Khon mask of Indrajit Meghnad:

(Khon is a mask worn in traditional Thai dance dramas.)




Stamp from 2015 in which Hanumana is protecting Rama in his mouth:



This July 17, 1973 stamp shows Ravana’s parasol:



Stamp of the above series depicting Ashok Vatika:




The Vanara Sena head to Lanka by crossing the sea:




Stamp from 1969 showing duel between Jatayu and Ravana:



Hanumana fights Matsya in this 1971 stamp:

(According to Khmer Ramayana, Reamker, Matsya battled Hanumana before falling in love with him.)



A 2006 stamp depicting sculptures from the Xieng Khouane Buddha Park near Vientiane with a picture of Hanumana and Matsya’s stone relief from the temple:



A 1970 stamp showing Angada, Meghnad’s half-brother, receiving Meghnad’s head on a cup:



Sita’s Agni Pariksha. Stamp from March 28, 1969:



Issued on October 28, 1955, this stamp shows Lord Rama and Sita:



An October 10, 2004 stamp showing Rama killing Bali:




An April 13, 2006 stamp showing Lava and Kusha, sons of Lord Rama, practising archery:



Stamp from above set depicting Hanumana and Matsya:



Matsya and Hanuman is a recurring theme in Southeast Asian stamps. This one from October 9, 2001:



A 1967 stamp showing a ballet performance with actors playing Lord Rama and Sita:




A 2006 stamp series showing Rama and Sita:



And Southeast Asia is not the only region where Ramayana has been decpicted in stamps. Here are two more from other nations.


A 1993 stamp showing Hanuman protecting Sita in Ashok Vatika:



In 2009, Czech Republic issued this stamp based on a Balinese painting depicting Rama and Sita: