Muslim Woman From Kerala Refused To Visit The Hospital During Childbirth Because Religion Forbids

According to a media report, Hannath, wife of Muhammed Yunus of Kunnummal Vellapppatil House at Payyanad in Manjeri, refused to visit the hospital on religious grounds. However, when she was rushed to the hospital later, she was declared dead as she has suffered a loss of blood.

The incident took place on August 4 and according to the preliminary investigation, the district medical administration revealed that the death occurred due to lack of proper medical care which was essential during labor pains. They further added that during the delivery, the midwife left the placenta behind which resulted in excessive bleeding and the subsequent death.

Even though the woman was rushed to a private hospital, the family members refused to get her admitted. They also refused a post-mortem after her death and returned home with the body. According to the district medical authorities, the officials had earlier visited the woman’s house several times and had even requested her to get admitted to the hospital. They revealed that the family refused to seek medical help claiming that their religion forbids them to do so.

DMO, Dr. K Sakeena, commented

We have learnt that woman’s family is against institutional delivery as they believe that their religion was against the same. The woman had refused even the regular vaccinations for the pregnant women, when health volunteers approached her. As part of the investigation, the officials contacted the midwife who attended the delivery and learnt that a serious mistake from her side led to the excessive bleeding. Though the family members took the woman to a private hospital they were not willing to admit the girl in hospital.

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