Muslim Women Tells These are the things Muslims can do in India but not in other countries

Tasneem Ali writes on quora :

I can safely say, India is the best country to be born and brought up in if you are a Muslim! You can happily follow your own rituals and customs. Not just that, you can happily follow others’ rituals and customs too! A country where you celebrate Diwali, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi with equal gusto as you celebrate Eid. You can freely visit temples and churches and gurudwaras.

This is me after visiting a temple in Chail in Himachal Pradesh :

It just gets better if you’re in the creative field like acting.

That’s me in the picture below as a devout Hindu with sindoor and bindi.

And if you are aware of the Yayati-Devyani-Sharmishtha saga :

I had the honour of playing Devyani and spouting lines in sanskritised Hindi.

And that’s me as a Catholic woman!

I think i should make everyone happy 🙂 So im sharing a pic where I’ve played a Muslim too!

I conclude saying living in India is actually the best thing to happen to you not inspite of, but, because you are a Muslim.