Muslims Girl writes to PM Modi asking for Help, Here is what PM Modi Did

About 70 years of dynasty rule in this great nation only made us loose our hope on the leadership of this country until the nation elected Narendra Modi. Things changed and changed for good. When he said Sab ka saath sab ka vikas not many community thought they would be benefitted. The congress government which once claimed Muslims are they soul vote bank did almost nothing to uplife them.

However things are changing now and irrespective of the fact that media doesn’t tell the real story here at Satyavijayi we bring you a story of a Muslim girl named BB Sara from Mandya, Karnataka who wanted to pursue MBA and requested for loan in various banks, but none opened the door for her as she could not pledge anything as a proof to return the loan. Tired of requesting, she wrote a letter to the supreme power of the country seeking financial help for her higher studies. What happened next was really surprising! PM Narendra Modi replied directing the chief secretary to make sure that Sara gets a loan of Rs 1.5 lakh within 10 days, but she got it within a single day from Vijaya Bank in Mandya.

This is just another example of how PM Narendra Modi has been helping common man and responding to his query. This is a wonderful never before seen gesture by a PM who was whole heartedly elected.
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