Nationalist Abhijeet’s Twitter account suspended, Here is how people slammed Twitter India

Singer Abhijeet’s Twitter account has been suspended. The account was suspended after the micro blogging site issued a statement that the singer’s account had been suspended as he made offensive remarks about women. Some of the Twitter users complained against Abhijeet saying that he had used ‘inappropriate’ and insulting’ language. On May 22nd Abhijeet had spoken against JNU student & activist Sheila Rashid.

Actor Paresh Rawal had recently hit out at the author and one-hit wonder Arundhati Roy for her venomous comments against India. The actor said that Arundhati Roy should have been tied to the army jeep instead of the stone-pelter. Twitter has always been biased. They have never suspended any account that has spoken ill about our nation. Twitter India head Raheel Khursheed did nothing even when Sonam Mahajan’s account was suspended.

Here is how people slammed twitter india



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