NDTV journalists Trolled Badly When He Justifies Poor NDTV channel ratings

Indian media has earned a lot of flak in the past few years thanks to their biased and ignorant journalism. Ever since the BJP came to power in 2014, the real faces of a number of our journalists have been revealed.

Time and again journalists and channels have been caught cooking up news stories and carrying agendas and propagating incidents according to their political inclinations. But with the rise of the social media, they are being caught more than often.

This has led to some journalists and channels alleging that the government is oppressive and is running a campaign against them. One of the biggest names in this list has been of NDTV.

The channel has come under fire for its style of reporting and this has also led to a drop in its viewership. It has been accused of favoring the opposition in every news it carries. So one of NDTV’s journalists himself tweeted that their channel has had low ratings during the UPA regime too.

Aunindyo Chakravarty of NDTV tried to justify his channel’s poor performance and cover for their style of journalism. But the people on Twitter had other plans.

So when this NDTV journalist tried to defend his channel, see what the people did.

Courtesy: facebooktrending