NDTV Journo Nidhi Razdan Mocks Hindu Saint Ramdev Baba, People Gave Her Befitting Reply

NDTV is run by Prannoy and Radhika Roy. Radhika Roy is the sister of Brinda Karat, a prominent member of the Left i.e. CPI (M). Prannoy Roy is the cousin of Arundhati Roy, a well known supporter of Kashmir separatists and naxalites.

So no wonder, we keep hearing rubbish on NDTV. Moreover, some of NDTV anchors like Barkha Dutt are always on the lookout to criticize Hindus and Indian Government, which is why NDTV’s public image has taken a beating.

When yogi aditynath was selected for UP CM nidhi mocks ramdev and tweets “Ramdev for President”

Here is what she said:

This is how people replied to her logic less Tweet