NDTV Lie Caught Again : Changed Slaughtered Calf to Buffalo and then to Ox, Manipulating News According To Their Convenience

Known for their expertise to distort news to suit their own vested purposes, NDTV is once again in the news for even worse reasons.

Yesterday saw an unrest arising in Kerala following the ban in cow slaughtering across the country. However, instead of reporting the truth, NDTV took to Twitter to announce that the Kerala police has filed a case against Youth Congress leaders for allegedly slaughtering a buffalo. 

Please pay attention to the words ‘allegedly’ and ‘buffalo’ here. Although the entire country has witnessed the video where a cow was shown to be slaughtered, for NDTV it was still an allegation. What’s more is that in their website story on the same, the cow was transformed into an ‘ox’ just like in the Twitter story it was transformed into a ‘buffalo’.

You may verify their ‘negligence’ in this link – http://www.ndtv.com/kerala-news/kerala-police-file-case-against-youth-congress-workers-after-ox-slaughter-video-1704941?pfrom=home-lateststories

This is enough for the world to know that NDTV is nothing but a paid media channel which lives by supporting and protecting the Congress party. Even the ever diminishing viewership hasn’t made NDTV realize the kind of mess it is in right now.

Although this isn’t the first time for NDTV fabricating a story to suit their distorted purpose, it is definitely one of the newest lows that a ‘news channel’ can reach. And if this goes on continuing, we are sure that NDTV will lose its last remaining faithful viewers at the soonest.

Courtesy: readindiaright.com