No, Muslims Not Voted BJP In UP Election Except Few, Here is the Proof

After BJP massive victory in Uttar Pradesh Polls, all political pundits & parties has completely lost its mental balance & senses. Everyone is clueless about how bjp able to win seats in Muslim dominates areas ?? even Mayawati made statement after the shocking & insulting defeat after fielding more than 100 Muslims candidates in U.P. elections Mayawati said how Muslims can vote BJP???

The myth about BJP won over 100 seats with 25% plus Muslim voters, BJP wins/leads in 71 seats. Muslim women and youth have voted heavily for BJP. This lie is being propagated by Media as well as BJP supporters that Muslim women voted for BJP in the name of triple Talaq  & development as they accepted BJP’s slogan  “sabka saath sabka vikas”.

Here are a large number of seats where bjp won in Muslim dominated Areas-

Deoband- BJP supporters claiming that 80% of Deoband population is of Muslim which is wrong. Out of 3.6L total voters only  1.10l are Muslim voters, rest are Hindu voters. According to polling records both BSP & SP fielded Muslim candidates & got more than 1.27k total votes which are quite clear that all Muslim votes divided between BSP & SP, therefore, BJP Candidate with 1.01L votes won seat easily as total as large number of Hindu votes gone to BJP Candidate.


Meerapur– where BJP candidate Avatar Singh got 69k votes where Muslim voters divided between BJP & SP candidates and got 68k & 39k votes respectively.

kanth- BJP candidate Rajesh Kumar got 76k votes but Muslims voters again divided between SP & BSP candidates and got 68k & 39k votes respectively.

Baheri-  BJP Candidate got more than 1L votes & Muslims voters divided among SP & BSP candidate where they got 66k & 68k voters respectively.

Utraula– BJP candidate Ram Pratap got 85k votes whereas Muslims voters divided among SP & BSP candidate and got 56k & 45k votes respectively.


The following conclusion is inevitable: In areas with the Muslim population, all other parties invariably fielded Muslims & BJP fielded Hindus. While a small percentage of Muslims could have voted for BJP, this percentage was not influential anywhere in swinging the outcome. Unable to fathom why BJP supporters want to convince themselves that Muslims have voted for BJP which  Hasn’t happened & even if it has, it is negligent

BJP won because of united Hindu votes of UP who were tired of SP’s appeasement of Muslims, BJP should remember this and stop acting secular else bjp will end up in becoming one more congress

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2 thoughts on “No, Muslims Not Voted BJP In UP Election Except Few, Here is the Proof

  • March 17, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Number of votes polled cannot for certain indicate who voted for whom. Some Muslims may have voted for BJP too. Similarly, many Hindu Yadav votes n SC votes went to SP & BSP candidates. Even if 1% Muslims vote for BJP it can make 5-6 seats extra for BJP.

  • March 17, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    yes observation is correct, generally Shia muslims since Vajpayee time voted for BJP. no sunni vote, all hindu vote not got by BJP for sure. the consolidation of minority whether Hindu in Muslim area or viceversa took place, good political move. appeasement must end from now on. conclusion too was good, no secular stance to garner votes of Muslims, other wise 2004 election results surely repeats

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