‘No Secularism without Hinduism In India’ Says This Muslim Woman

Speaking at a remembrance meet organised for Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay on his death anniversary yesterday (11 February), Jamida extolled the political leader’s role in reforming the society. The Malayalam translation of his book Integral Humanism was also released at the meet.

Leading the Friday prayers on 26 January made Jamida the first Indian woman to do so. She has been facing censure and threatsever since.

Since joining the Quran Sunnath Society, whose members strictly follow the Quran and denounce the Hadiths, Jamida has quickly risen to become its general secretary. The Society works towards reforming the Islamic society, but has faced backlash because of its stand on the Hadiths. It follows the teachings of P K Mohammed Abul Hassan, also known as Chekannur Moulavi, who was declared murdered after disappearing in July 1993.

Speaking at the event, Jamida said, “I’m being targeted for trying to reform society. Deendayal Upadhyay and founder of Quran Sunnath Society Chekannur Moulavi paid with their lives for doing the same thing. Deendayal Upadhyay died under mysterious circumstances. What was his fault? Only one man was sentenced for strangulating Chekannur Moulavi to death. The other accused are roaming free, in search of their next prey.”

“Hindus belonging to all castes should unite to ensure that India does not become an Islamic country,” she added.

She also called out the left-liberal establishment in Kerala for its failure to support her amidst threats to her life. She said that no one from the establishment came to her support after an attempt was made on her life, since the perpetrator was a Muslim.

Jamida had earlier supported the Narendra Modi government on the triple talaq bill, and wishes to keep leading the prayers to inspire other women to do so.

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  • February 12, 2018 at 6:25 pm

    The society in India follow the age old traditions which respect all religions as part of the same brotherhood of humanity. There is only on God, irrespective of the vaious names assigned to Him. Man has not created any thing in this uinverse. We have manipulated what nature has provided us. That is where science & technology comes in.Human spirit is one in all of us, just as our body and mind define us as individuals. The spirit is our life force and science has not created it just the universe itself. We only are searching the truths behind us, our earth and the Universe as a whole. Science provides the tools towards external search while spirituality , narrowly called by different names provide the paths one follows internally to understand the Creator and the creation.

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