Olympic Medalist Rajyavardhan Singh Rathod Gives Befitting reply to Congress on Chai Wala ‘MEME’ on PM Narendra Modi

Gujarat Elections are on its way and both the big parties of India are trying to establish themselves in the state. Though BJP has been there for past several years and BJP is still the favorite in Gujarat but Congress is also trying very hard and trying to encash over the protests that erupted after GST and demonetization.

This is the first time Congress doesn’t want to let any stone unturned. Congress is trying to please the Hindus of the state and for that Rahul Gandhi is visiting almost every Temple of Gujarat. By now he has visited 18 temples and he even called himself a Shiva Bhakt as well. Doing so he is targetting the Soft Hindus of Gujarat. But will they move away from their favorite leader Narendra Modi and that’s the biggest question of the time in front of Rahul Gandhi and Congress Party of India.

Amidst all this Congress is trying to boost itself and trying to degrade Narendra Modi and to degrade Modi they have only one thing and that is “he is a Chai Wala”. So they are coming up with Chai Wala memes every now and then. So yesterday only the Youth Congress has come up with a Chai Waala meme on Modi.

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Watch here how Rajyavardhan Singh Rathod slammed Congress: