One more: 16 Year Old Hindu Girl ‘Kidnapped’ in Pakistan For Forced Conversion and Marriage

16-year-old Ravita Meghwar, a Hindu girl, was kidnapped from a village in Pakistan’s Tharparkar district on Tuesday.

Herparents allege that her kidnappers had administered sleeping pills to her 15-member family in Varayno village near Nagarparkar area, before taking her away.

Some of the kidnapped girl’s kin, were admitted to a rural health centre in Islamakot in an unconscious state. The parents allege that their daughter was kidnapped by influential members of the Syed community.

Theparents fear Ravita will be forcibly married to Syed Nawaz Ali Shah, who they claim, used to tease her. Police teams from Tharparkar and Umerkot districts raided various villages to trace the girl, but to no avail.