One More Heart Attack To Liberals From Yogi Adityanath, Says “This Is Not A Madrassa”

Students of a private school in Meerut in Uttar Pradesh were told to cut their hair like the state’s new chief minister, Yogi Adityanath, if they wanted to be allowed inside the school.

Following the diktat, dozens of irate parents of the students of Rishabh Academy School in the city’s Sadar area reportedly protested outside the school.

“I asked the students to get Yogi-like haircuts, when they were unable to understand what we wanted. We basically want very short haircuts, of the kind the Army gives,” Ranjeet Jain, secretary, management committee of the school told The Times of India.

Students were also told to not grow beards “as this is not a madrassa or a place where they come to offer namaz”, Jain added.

Jain alleged that Muslim boys become friends with girls using Hindu names. “Moreover, these days nobody likes if a boy from one community touches a girl from another community,” he reportedly said.

It was only after police intervention on Thursday that students were allowed entry to the school.