Over 70 live bombs recovered from two West Bengal districts

As many as 70 live bombs have been recovered from a drum and a bag in Nanoor’s Chandipur village area by Nanoor police in West Bengal’s Birbhum district.

The drum was found in a bamboo garden in the village, and the bag was found in field on its outskirts.

The police prima facie believe that the bombs were placed to spread terror in the village.

The Seuri bomb squad was called to defuse the bombs.

There are no lead suspects yet, and no arrests have been made.


Soon after, two more live crude bombs were recovered from Asansol District.

The villagers of Kethi village were struck by panic when the bombs were discovered. The nearest police station was informed, and an investigation is under way to figure out from where they came from and what the modus operandi was.

courtesy: indiatoday