Pakistan Will Break Into Pieces After August 14, Warns MQM Leader Altaf Hussain

Altaf Hussain, leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), has warned that Pakistan will “break into pieces” after August 14, the nation’s 71st Independence Day. The provinces of Pakistan, Hussain said, should celebrate August 14 not as “Independence Day” but as a day of “captivity under Pakistani Army”.

“14 August ke baad Pakistan tukde-tukde ho jayega. Yeh meri baddua nahi hai.Fauj, ISI aur har siyasatdar jo Fauj ke agent bane rahe, who sab Pakistan ko todne ke zimmedar honge (After August 14, Pakistan will break into pieces. This is not a curse I wish upon Pakistan. The army, the ISI and all politicians who are agents of the army will be responsible for breaking Pakistan up),” he said.

Hussain, who has been living in exile in London since 1992, added, “There are songs being sung on TV. Chant all the slogans of ‘Long Live Pakistan’ for the next three days! After that, this slogan will only be raised in Punjab province. After that, it will be Long Live Balochistan, Long Live Sindh, Long Live Saraiki, Long Live Gilgit-Baltistan, Long Live Kashmir, Long Live FATA, Long Live Pakhtunistan, Long Live Muhajiristan and Long Live Sindhudesh!)

Addressing Muhajirs and Balochis, two ethnic groups fighting for a separate homeland within Pakistan, Hussain said, “Baloch and Muhajir people, I am with you but on one condition. This year, as Pakistan turns 70, you will not celebrate August 14 as Independence Day but mark it as a day of occupation and captivity under the Pakistani Army.”