Pakistani Achor Says “Are you even aware of Virat Kohli’s standard?” by Slamming Their Own Crickerter

He has always remained a matter of discussion outside India and recently that happened again. This time it happened on a debate show in a news channel based in Pakistan.

While the news presenter was discussing Virat’s killing battling style, she stopped her panel guest when he started criticizing Kohli’s leadership and skills.

What she said in response was not only praiseworthy but an indication of the fact that a talented player like Virat can never be misquoted by anybody, peculiarly when it comes to his sportsman spirit.

In her reply, the news presenter quoted, “Are you even aware of Virat Kohli’s standard?”

This left the panel guest surprised initially but then he started agreeing to the fact that Pakistani players must show their real skills and a chance must be given to youngsters in the team.

Here is the video :