Pakistani Hindus Celebrated Holi Amid Of Tight Security, This Explains A Lot About The Condition Of Pak Hindus

Hindus celebrated the Holi festival with traditional enthusiasm on Sunday, a joyous celebration of spring when people gather in the streets and and play with colours, distribute sweets and dance together.

The main event of the Holi festival was celebrated at Suami-Narayn Mandir in Karachi where around 400 local Hindus gathered to playfully splash colours on one another in a joyous welcome of spring.

Holi is celebrated each year around the time of the vernal equinox, and is typically celebrated in March but sometimes as early as February.


Security was exceptionally tight around all Hindu temples across the country, and worshipers had to undergo a thorough search before they entered venues of the festival.

In his message on the occasion of Holi festival, Pak PM Nawaz Sharif on Sunday said the government would ensure provision of equal rights to all citizens in light of the Constitution as well as the teachings of Islam.

The Prime Minister extended his felicitations to the Hindu community of Pakistan.

“The circumstances in Pakistan are changing. Here, the days of spring are coming up for which the basis of inter-faith peace and co-existence were laid. Pakistan was created as hub of peace not only for Muslims rather every tribe and community living in the region,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the government would make arrangements to disallow any discrimination in name of religion and the followers of every religion must feel free to practice their own faiths. The citizens should also not suffer from any sense of deprivation regarding employment or any other matter due to their faith, he added.

Even after all this Hindu girls and boys are abducted, raped and converted forcefully to Islam, when will this all stop ?

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