Parliamentarian Swapan Das Gupta Exposes TMC And Its Anti Hindu Ideology

Swapan Das Gupta is a senior Indian journalist and Member of Parliament, being a Presidential Nominee to the Rajya Sabha (Council of States, or India’s Upper House of Parliament).

At various points in his career, he has held senior editorial posts at The Statesman, The Daily Telegraph, The Times of India, The Indian Express and India Today, where he was Managing Editor till 2003. He has been published in The Pioneer, The Telegraph, Dainik Jagran, The Times of India, The New Indian Express, Outlook, The Free Press Journal and several other newspapers and magazines, and is currently a freelance writer for various publications. Over the last decade, he has acquired the fame of being one of the most frequently appearing faces on Indian television. He is seen in all major political debates featured in the English electronic media, and was well known for appearing on NDTV’s weekly segment, Politically Incorrect, with Mani Shankar Aiyar. He was awarded thePadma Bhushan in the field of Literature and Education in 2015. He has often been seen to be supportive of the BJP and its politics.

Recently, TheLotPot brought an issue to you all that in West Bengal schools have banned Saraswati Pooja and when the students protested against the ban they were beaten by the Police brutally. So, Swapan Das Gupta wanted to raise this issue in the parliament.

Swapan Das Gupta said “Even Hindus have rights in this country and the issue of Saraswati Puja should be raised and discussed in the parliament.”

But when Das Gupta tried to raise the issue in the upper house it was Mamata Benerji’s Trinamool Congress which stopped him doing so.

It seems like West Bengal is being governed by Hitler who just knows how to dominate. Only the voters will be considered and if you don’t vote Mamata you will be screwed.