People Trolled AAP Massively When They Lost Both In Goa And Punjab, And Its damn FUNNY

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday said it is disappointed with its performance in Punjab and Goa and will introspect on the reasons behind it.

AAP leader and Delhi minister Kapil Mishra said the party had not expected such results in Punjab and Goa. “This was not expected and it its the time to review,” Mishra said.

Party workers had gathered outside Kejriwal’s residence, but as the trends indicated that party is not winning any of the two states, the crowd started ebbing.

The party had put all its might and resources in Punjab and Goa. Kejriwal had himself addressed over 95 rallies in Punjab over the past few months

Mean while this is how people on tweeter trolled Mr Kejriwals AAP party