People Trolled Sagarika Ghosh When She Tweets ‘Babri Masjid Is My Building’

A Prominent Indian Journalist Sagarika Ghosh came forward with a blog on ‘Hindus’ of India. Sagarika very cleverly puts her point, saying that Indians were ‘happy Hindus’, joyfully following their customs, traditions, rituals, at home. She wrote with the change of time  ‘Hinduism’ has become the political agenda and only the ‘vegetarians’ people have place in India now. Further she said there is so much of assertion of ‘being Hindus’,in disguise of violence, love jihad, forceful worshipping of god, and so on that, LIBERAL Hindus are feeling disappointed.

She got trolled when she shared this tweet “No one had the right to destroy Babri Masjid, it was my building just like Tanjore temple & Velankanni church are mine”: @ikamalhaasan.

She calls babri masjid as her building and people trolled her mercilessly :