Phone conversation between HM Rajnath Singh and Mamata Banerjee Exposes Her Anti Hindu Attitude

A 65-year-old man died of stab wounds in Kolkata on Thursday as fresh violence erupted in parts of West Bengal’s Basirhat region that has been rocked by communal clashes over a controversial Facebook post.

Kartik Ghosh was attacked by mobs with sharp objects when he was returning home on a motorcycle on Wednesday afternoon. This was the first death in violence that has swept the Basirhat region, barely 12 kilometres from the Bangladesh border, that has injured at least 23 people.

Since Sunday evening, Muslim mobs have set shops and buildings on fire and clashed with police, angered by an offensive post on Facebook by a Class 11 Hindu student.

Situation is tense and Central government step in to help the State Government, but Mamata Banerjee refused it.

Republic TV brings you the full details of the conversations of Home Minister Rajnath Singh with West Bengal Governor Kesari Nath Tripathi and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

See the details of the conversation between “Rajnath Singh and Governor of West Bengal”. “Rajnath Singh and Mamata Banerjee” had a word after this call. And the response of Mamata Banerjee shows her Anti-Hindu character.

She refused the help of Pera Forces, offered by the Home Minister. She abused the Governor and called him a Sanghi propagandist.

The big question is, “Why she did not respond to No Action on the rioters”,and “Police Inaction”. Why she refused Pera Forces help” when the situation is still not under control?

The answer is- She does not want Muslims to get arrested. And that is her bread and butter. Hindu blood sells cheap in Bengal.

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  • July 8, 2017 at 12:10 pm

    She requested help in Darjeeling, but not in this case. Something fishy here

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