PICS: These ISIS Terrorists Were Caught Wearing Silk Bras And Burqa

In what is a rather bizarre series of photos posted on an unverified Instagram account, Islamic State terrorists can be seen wearing makeup, lingerie and dresses.

First unearthed by the British tabloid Daily Mirror, these images show several ISIS fighters who have shaved off their beards and mustaches to wear lipstick. Some of them are even pictured wearing silk bras beneath burkas – the Muslim religious garment that covers a woman head to toe.

Arabic captions, according to the tabloid, suggest the photos were taken somewhere in the Baiji area of northern Iraq.

However, The Jerusalem Post reports the Iraqi army arrested 20 male Islamic State members dressed as women in the northern city of Baquba, quoting spokesman Ghalib al-Jubouri.

ISIS fighters dress as women in desperate attempt to flee battlefield‏


ISIS soldiers don lipstick and bras to escape the battlefield


ISIS fighters caught fleeing battle zone dressed as WOMEN


The images emerged almost a week after the terrorist group executed three men accused of homosexuality.

Although extremist Muslim organizations consider women as lesser beings, it’s ironic how their male fighters and clerics usually choose cross dressing to escape prison or death.